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posted on 16 Jul 2013 02:01 by ichthyocentaur458

Just like some people believe that iOS devices are better than Android ones and vice versa, opinions and also different when it comes to whether one needs to jailbreak their iPad or not. To understand this properly, it is essential to evaluate the pros and the cons associated with such a procedure. The benefits of jailbreaking an iPad are numerous and include the ability to install apps that aren't available on iTunes for one reason or another, the possibility of installing custom themes on the device and removing other restrictions of Apple. The main disadvantage of the iPad jailbreak is stability issues. The use of some apps can reduce the performance of the device.

jailbreak ipad

One decision that an iPad or iPhone owner often has to take is whether they will convert their tethered jailbreak to an untethered jailbreak. With every iOS firmware update, hackers need to come up with new jail-breaks for the phones and tablets. However, the tethered jailbreak is always the first unlock option to be available to download. While it works well, it still tends to pale in comparison to an untethered jailbreak in some cases. Thankfully, owners of a jail-broken iPad that have access to Cydia can use a converter to turn their current tethered jailbreak into an untethered jailbreak. All they need to do is installing a downloadable package via the Cydia interface.

Jail-breaking the firmware of an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch running under the iOS of Apple comes with one main disadvantage. Indeed, while users jailbreak iPad tablets to install apps that they can't obtain from iTunes, these apps do not always work as they should in the jailbroken mode. Firstly, due to the jailbreak, the apps don't follow the basic guidelines in regards to the RAM and CPu usage set by the firmware. This leads to several compatibility issues that can cause the device to be more vulnerable to random reboots, a reduced battery life and a slow performance. This can however be easily avoided by checking where you download apps before installing them.

According to the most recent iOS jail-breaks reviews and testimonials, owning a jail-broken device isn't as important as it used to be to users. Indeed, with the most recent iOS versions, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch owners tend to agree that the jailbreak of their device isn't as necessary as it used to be. One example would be the wireless sync option that was enabled on jail-broken devices, and later replicated on updated iOS versions. However, the fact remains that some of the main restrictions set my Apple are still present, including the inability to install apps that aren't offered on iTunes and to connect to networks other than the their initial operator's.